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Candle (link)

Continuous Integration for SBCL based Lisp projects, using AWS instances as the machines on which the CI's are run.

.candle file (link)

Each project with a candle file has a .candle file in the root of the project with tasks to be run.

Limitations (link)

This documentation needs to be updated once more things are working, but this is an early version of everything.

This only works in the following:

  • SBCL
  • Linux
  • Git as source control
  • AWS as remote code

There is also no email, and everything else handled via the CLI.

Only one can be running at a time.

Usage (link)

  • Run bin/candle-server on a server somewhere, so that the candle client can connect to it
  • Add projects via `bin/candle project add`, see `--help` for more information
  • Remove projects via `bin/candle project delete`, see `--help` for more information
  • Run `bin/candle project show ` to show status of project
  • Includes what branches are failing
  • Run `bin/candle project list` to show list all projects, and status
  • Run `bin/candle project refresh` to refresh a project
  • Run `bin/candle job log :` to see log
  • Run `bin/candle job retry :` to retry the job

Local (link)

  • Run `bin/candle run` from a candle enabled project