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Common Lisp Style Checker (link)

Enforcement of my guidelines for common lisp style.

If you like, you can download it

Syntax Checking Rules (link)

  • Elements on new line in each form must be indented the same amount
  • No space/newline after open parens
  • No form longer than 50 lines
  • Top level multiline forms must be separated by exactly one space
  • No line longer than 120 characters
  • No use of unexported symbols in other packages
  • No tabs
  • Only one space between elements in a form on a single line
  • in-package must be first line in file unless file is package.lisp
  • No whitespace at end of line
  • No lines that are only whitespace
  • No empty lines at end of file
  • Never have two empty lines in a row
  • Only one in-package per file
  • No hanging close parens
  • If specified, a matching copyright notice must be at the top of the file


  • comments
  • multiline strings
  • exclude in-package check from package.lisp