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Changelog (link)

0.1 (link)

  • Preparing for release 5dd1203
  • Add exception for package.lisp 07a4085
  • Add pretty printing 3c0f6bb
  • Add exception for strings 02e9709
  • Exceptions for comments c950845
  • Check for multiple spaces in form 243043b
  • Check for indent level in forms 4ce7dfc
  • Check for spaces/newlines after opening a form 52971da
  • No hanging close parens 7b1e850
  • Check that toplevel multiline forms must be separated by a space 659997d
  • Check for internal symbols 1f818db
  • Check for duplicated empty lines, empty at end of file 1437fe1
  • No tabs 7b5c585
  • Check whitespace at end of lines 091a882
  • Only one in-package per file c03906d
  • Add check for long forms 49f4258
  • Add long line check 3225bfc
  • Add package check fac9ef1